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Quetzalcoatl’s Ring of Passion - Claudia Schmid

Quetzalcoatl’s Ring of Passion

Feuilletine Base

Callebaut hazelnut praline 165g
Carma origine rare Madagascar 70g
Feuilletine flakes 110g

Mix and spread

Chocolate Biscuit

Almond paste 150g
Yolk 120g
Eggwhite 120g
Sugar 45g
Wheat flour 20g
Cocoa powder 20g

Mix together the almond paste and the egg yolks until fluffy. In a separate bowl whip together the egg whites and sugar until the mix forms stiff peaks. Sieve together the flour and cocoa powder and carefully fold this together with the egg white into the egg yolk mixture. Pour into 18cm cake tins and bake at 160°C for 30 minutes.

Passion fruit - Vanilla Mousse

Passion fruit juice 70g
Sugar 80g
Vanilla paste 6g
Vanilla bean 0.5 Pcs.
Invert sugar 20g
Gelatine 4g
Whipped cream 350g

Mix the passion fruit juice, sugar and vanilla paste and the cut vanilla bean, boil up. Allow to cool down and add the invert sugar at 65°C, soak the gelatine and when bloomed add. Mix in the whipped cream thoroughly. Spread in silicone moulds.


Sauterne Jelly Layer

Sauterne 300g
Sugar 20g
Powdered vegetable gelatine (Sosa) 8g

Mix together, heat to 90°C and spread into silicone moulds.


Chocolate - Passion fruit Mousse

Passion fruit juice 120g
Glucose 10g
Cream 40g
Gelatine 4g
Carma Claire 80g
Cacao Barry Alto el Sol 80g
Whipped cream 300g

Mix the passion fruit juice, glucose, cream and sugar in the Thermomix, Level 2, for 6 minutes at 60°C. Soak the gelatine and add. Add the chocolate drops, mix, cool down. Stir in the whipped cream thoroughly. Spread into silicone moulds

Chocolat „cremeuse“

Milk 330g
Cream 330g
Yolk 130g
Sugar 60g
Gelatine 8g
Cacao Barry Alto el Sol 160g
Carma origine rare Venezuela 95g

Blend the milk, cream, yolks and sugar in the Thermomix, Level 2, for 9 Minutes, 84°C into an anglaise. Soak the gelatine and add. Emulsify with chocolate drops and allow to cool.

Dark Glaze

Cream 445g
Water 540g
Sugar 665g
Glucose 90g
Cocoa powder 220g
Gelatine 40g
Carma origine rare Madagascar 200g

Boil cream, water, sugar and glucose, add the cocoa powder and simmer for 5 minutes. Add couverture drops and the soaked gelatine to this warm mixture. Mix and allow to cool. Use at 30°C



Stick together the feuilletine base and chocolate biscuit with apricot jam. Pour the passion fruit - vanilla mousse into a ring (diameter of outer ring 19cm, inner ring 11cm) Add a layer of sauterne jelly and a layer of chocolate – passion fruit mousse. Pour the chocolat “cremeuse” and cover with the base. Let it cool down in the refrigerator, turn and de-mould the cake. Cover it with dark glaze and decorate.