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Mayan Gold - John Costello

Mayan Gold

Apricot sorbet

Apricot puree 250g
Apricot juice 100g
Water 25g
Sugar 100g
Vanilla Pod ½
Glucose Syrup 30g

Heat together to 90°c in the Mycook/Thermomix
Pour into frozen Pacojet beaker and freeze

Apricot crisp

Apricot juice 200g
Sugar 35g
Film powder 4g

Mix together with stick blender
Stencil onto Silpat
Dehydrate for five hours

Crunch biscuit

Salted Butter 300g
Sugar brown 300g
Bres 400g
Cocoa nibs 100g
Tanzania cocoa powder 60g
Flour 40g

Cream butter and sugar together
Add cocoa nibs
Add Bres
Add sieved flour and cocoa powder
Place into frame and bake 160°c for 20 minutes
Remove from oven and cut to required size

Apricot Fruit Salad

Apricots (cubed) 250g
Sugar 20g
Apricot brandy 10g
Chocolate red wine 30g

Heat apricots and sugar
Add apricot brandy and chocolate red wine
Remove from heat and cool
Spoon into silicone moulds and freeze

Chocolate and Praline Mousse

Cream 35% fat (A) 150g
Praline hermitage 150g
Chocolate Alto El Sol 150g
Cream 35 % fat (B) 450g 

Heat cream A, praline and chocolate to 40°C in the Mycook/Thermomix
Allow to cool slightly
Whip cream (B) to soft peaks and fold into above

Apricot fluid gel

Apricot juice 150g
Sugar 80g
Gellan F 8g

Mix sugar and Gellan F together
Heat apricot juice and add sugar and Gellan F
Mix using a stick blender
Once cooled, continue to mix until soft

Apricot Brandy Jelly Cubes

Apricot puree 70g
Apricot Brandy 20g
Sugar 20g
Powdered Gelatine 8g
Water 40g

Soak gelatine in water
Warm puree, brandy and sugar
Add soaked gelatine
Refrigerate until required

Chocolate Crunch

Fondant 100g
Glucose Syrup 100g
Isomalt 100g
Tanzanian cocoa mass 70g

Cook the fondant, glucose and Isomalt to 148°c
Add cocoa mass
Pour onto Silpat
Once cooled, blend to small piece

Praline powder

Praline Hermitage 60g
Maltradextrin 40g

Mix together.

White Chocolate Page

white chocolate
transfer sheet

Spread chocolate onto transfer
Place into tube and allow to crystallise

Chocolate Sauce

Compound Chocolate 114g
Chocolate (Madirofolo) 114g
Milk 116g
Glucose 43g
Mycryo 17g
Cocoa powder 8g

Heat together to 50°c in Mycook/Thermomix
Store until required

Spray Chocolate

Cocoa butter 150g
Red Cocoa butter 20g
Mexican dark chocolate 200g

Combine and melt to 40°C.


Assembly - Inkpot
Pipe chocolate and praline mousse halfway into ink pot mould
Place apricot fruit salad into middle
Continue to pipe mousse until 5mm from top of mould
Top with a piece of crunch biscuit
Remove from freezer and moulds
Spray with chocolate