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Sabroso - John Costello


Vanilla custard

Whole Milk 402g
Vanilla 1 pod
Egg yolk 78g
Sugar 102g
Mycryo 30g
Powdered Gelatine 9g
Water 48g

Make as custard
Leave to cool

Chocolate sponge base

Tanzanian cocoa powder 80g
Flour 140g
Water 30g
Sugar 580g
Vanilla pod 1
Whole Egg 350g
Tanzania chocolate 370g
Salted Butter 426g

Add Sugar, eggs and water in a bowl and mix on a slow speed
Add sieved dries
Melt butter and chocolate together, add to bowl and mix on a slow speed
Pour into lined tin, bake at 160°c for 15 mins
Remove from oven and cut to size

Chocolate Sable

Salted Butter 240g
Icing Sugar 240g
Egg Yolks 120g
Flour 270g
Baking Powder 14g
Tanzania Cocoa Powder 70g

Cream the butter and sugar
Slowly add egg yolks
Add sieved dries
Cool, roll out to 3mm thick and bake at 160°c for 10-12 minutes
Remove from oven, sprinkle with Mycryo and cut to size

Spray chocolate

Cocoa Butter 150g
Red Cocoa Butter 20g
Mexican Dark Chocolate 200g

Combine all ingredients and melt to 40°c

Infused Raspberries

Sugar 900g
Water 600g
Dried root Ginger 500g
Fresh Raspberries 600g

Boil sugar, water and ginger
Remove from heat
Pour over raspberries
Refrigerate until required

Chocolate sauce

Compound Chocolate 114g
Chocolate (Madirofolo) 114g
Whole Milk 116g
Glucose Syrup 43g
Mycryo 17g
Cocoa Powder 8g

Heat together to 50°c in Mycook/Thermomix
Store until required

Chocolate Ganache

Cream 35%fat 115g
Glucose Syrup 28g
Chocolate (Madirofolo) 126g
Salted Butter 12g

Heat to 40°c in Mycook/Thermomix
Pipe into bespoke moulds

Praline Feuilletine layer

Praline Feuilletine 500g
Bres 70g

Mix together and warm slightly
Spread between plastic sheets then freeze
Cut into shape

Vanilla cream

Cream 35% fat 300g
Custard 500g

Whip the cream to soft peaks
Slowly add custard
Pipe into bespoke moulds

Raspberry Jelly

Sugar 174g
Gelatine 25g
Water 125g
Lemon juice 30g
Raspberry puree 610g
Starch 36g

Soak gelatine in water
Mix starch with sugar
Add to puree and lemon juice, boil
Remove from heat, add soaked gelatine and cool
Pipe into bespoke moulds

Raspberry Caramel

Sugar 500g
Raspberry puree 250g
Cream - 35% fat 50g

Make a dry caramel with the sugar
De-glaze with warmed puree and cream
Leave to cool

Raspberry Compote

Raspberries (infused) 375g
Salted Butter 22g
Pectin 3g
Sugar 12g
Powdered Gelatine 12g
Water 72g

Soak gelatine in water
Mix pectin and sugar together
Add to butter and raspberries and boil
Remove from heat then add soaked gelatine
Spread thinly on Silpat 
Remove from freezer and cut to size


Bres 200g
Silver shimmer 2g

Mix together in pot
Store until required

Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse

Raspberry Caramel 430g
Cream 35% Fat (A) 60g
Chocolate Madirofolo 450g
Cream 35% Fat (B) 650g

Warm raspberry caramel, chocolate and cream (A) in Mycook/Thermomix to 40°c
Allow to cool slightly
Whip cream (B) to soft peaks and fold together


Silver nibs
Dark chocolate

Spread chocolate on plastic sheet
Sprinkle with coloured nibs
Cut to size


Place Sable on cake board
Place Praline Feuilletine on top
Place Raspberry compote on top
Place chocolate sponge on top
Brush sponge with remaining ginger syrup
Place ganache on top
Arrange the raspberry jelly and vanilla cream alternately around the ganache
Place frame over the top
Pipe raspberry mousse into mould and level, freeze
Remove from freezer and heat metal frame to remove cake
Spray with chocolate 
Garnish with chocolate inkpot, chocolate sauce and chocolate feather