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Litchi Cacao - Chi Hsien Cheng

Litchi Cacao

Raspberry Jelly

Raspberry Puree 200 g
Water 100 g
Sugar 200 g
Yellow Pectin 4 g
Citric acid 3 g
Raspberry Brandy 80 g

Boil Raspberry Puree & Water.
Mix well Sugar & Yellow Pectin then add into 1) and keep cooking to 105 oC.
Add in Citric acid at 105 oC and mix well,turn off the heater and add in Raspberry Brandy.

Litchi and Raspberry Ganache

Cream 36% 276 g
Inverted Sugar 32 g
White Chocolate (Carma) 734 g
Litchi Puree 120 g
Raspberry Puree 68 g
Butter 46 g
Raspberry Brandy 56 g
Raspberry Powder


Boil Cream 36% & Inverted Sugar together.
Pour into White Chocolate to melt it and emulsify the chocolate,add in soften Butter and mix well.
Add in Litchi Puree & Raspberry Puree to 2).
Add in Raspberry Brandy and mix well.