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Shadow - Chi Hsien Cheng


Milk Gianduja

Mycryo Cocoa Butter 38 g
Claire 33% (Carma) 63 g
Pure Hazelnut Paste 100% (Cacao Barry) 250 g

Tempering Mycryo Cocoa Butter & Claire33%.
Mix in Pure Hazelnut Paste 100% .
Put into moulds.

Caramel Mandarin Ganache

Cream 36% 240 g
Glucose 9 g
Sugar 68 g
Claire 33% (Carma) 315 g
Butter 43 g
Mandarin Peel 3 ea
Grand Marnier 32 g
Sea Salt Flakes with Seaweed

Soak Mandarin Peel with Cream 36% for 2 hours, swift then re-heat cream.
Caramelize Glucose & Sugar then mix into 1).
Pour 2) into Claire33% to melt the chocolate and emulsify it.
Add in melted Butter & Grand Marnier and mix well.
Pour on the top of Milk Gianduja and spread out, sprinkle Sea Salt Flakes with Seaweed.