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Feather - Chi Hsien Cheng


Hazelnut and Raspberry Dacquoise

Hazelnut Ground 125 g
Raspberry Powder 20 g
Icing Sugar 110 g
Egg white 125 g
Sugar 50 g
Butter 30 g

Mix Hazelnut ground & Raspberry powder & Icing sugar all together.
Whipping Egg white & Sugar,mix in powders, add in melted Butter.
Piping around 5 inch in a baking sheet then bake 190 oC for 14 minutes.

Banana Compote

Banana slice 450 g
Sugar(1) 100 g
water 40 g
Sugar(2) 30 g
NH Pectin 6 g
Vanilla Bean 1/2 ea
Malibu Rum 30 g

Caramelize Sugar(1) & water & Vanilla Bean.
Pan-fry with Banana slice.
Mix in Sugar(2) & Pectin
Add in Malibu rum.
Put into silicon mould then freeze it.


Coffee Cream

Cream 450 g
Arabica Coffee Beans 80 g
Cream 300 g
Inverted Sugar 30 g
Glucose 30 g
Coffee Powder 10 g
White Chocolate (Carma) 100 g
Mycryo Cocoa Butter 35 g
Karluha 25 g
Gelatin 2 ea

Soak Arabica Coffee Beans in cream then set aside for overnight.
Boil 300g & Inverted Sugar & Glucose & Coffee Powder together,pour into White Chocolate & Mycryo Cocoa Butter to emulsify chocolate and cocoa butter together,mix in Karluha set aside for overnight, whip it before using it.


Passion Fruit Cream

Whole Egg 400 g
Egg Yolk 10 ea
Sugar 380 g
Passion Fruit Puree 300 g
Lemon Juice 30 g
Butter 600 g
Gelatin 2 ea

Mix well Whole Egg & Egg Yolk & Sugar
Boil Passion Fruit Puree & Lemon Juice then pour into 1),re-boil it and thicken it.
Add in soften Gelatin,Cool down to 38~40°C then mix in soften butter.
Spread out on a baking sheet to cool down.
Pour into a silicon mould.

Chocolate Mousse

Egg yolk 193 g
Inverted Sugar 54 g
Milk 268 g
Gelatin 4 g
Cream 36% 300 g
Saint Dominguez 70% (Cacao Barry) 310 g


Cool Egg yolk & Inverted Sugar & Milk to Anglaise sauce.
Add in soften Gelatin,pour into Saint Dominguez70% to melt it and emulsify it.
Add in whipped Cream 36%.

Chocolate Glaze

Water 150 g
Sugar 375 g
Cream 300 g
Glucose 150 g
Cocoa powder (Cacao Barry) 120 g
Gelatin 18 g
Nap page 250 g

Boil Water & Sugar & Cream & Glucose & Napage all together.
Add in Cocoa powder and re-boil it.
Add in soften Gelatin and keep cooking it.
Keep boiling and mix it for 3~4 minutes.