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Gift - Chi Hsien Cheng


Black Berry Chocolate Joconde

Butter 100 g
Almond Paste 75 g
Sugar 107 g
Whole egg 125 g
Cake Flour 112 g
Baking Powder 1.5 g
Cocoa Powder (Cacao Barry) 15 g
Milk 81 g
Tanzanie 75% (Cacao Barry)  45 g
Frozen Black Berry

Whipping Butter & Almond Paste & Sugar together,add in Whole egg
Swift Flour & Baking Powder & Cocoa Powder all together then adds back into 1.
Boil Milk then pour into Tanzanie75%, melt it slowly and mix well, cool down to 25~28°C,then mix back to 2
Pour the dough into moulds
Bake in 180 oC for 23-25 minutes

Hazelnut Caramel Paste

Glucose 150 g
Sugar 250 g
Butter 40 g
Cream 510 g
Pure hazelnut paste 100% (Cacao Barry) 130 g

Caramelize Glucose & Sugar.
Pour in Butter & Cream,then cool to 105c.
Cool down then mix in Pure hazelnut paste 100%.

Chocolate Cream

Madagascar 64% (Carma) 160 g
Claire 33% (Carma) 85 g
Karluha 60 g
Cream 36% 225 g
Glucose 25 g
Inverted Sugar 25 g
Coffee Soluble 20 g
Cream 36% 410 g
Gelatin 2 ea

Boil Cream 36% & Glucose & Inverted Sugar & Coffee Powder all together
Add in soften Gelatin into 1) then pour into Madagascar 64% & Claire 33% to emulsify chocolates and mix well together
Add in Karluha and mix well, set it into refrigerator for 2 hours
Re-mix before using it

Cocoa Flake

Icing Sugar 250 g
Orange Juice 100 g
Butter 100 g
Cake Flour 80 g
Cocoa Powder (Cacao Barry) 25 g

Swift Icing Sugar & Cake Flour & Cocoa Powder all together
Add in Orange Juice then mix well
Mix in melted Butter,rest the dough in refrigerator then spread out in a baking sheet  
Bake in 180 oC for 7 minutes

Raspberry Sorbet

Raspberry Puree 500 g
Water 240 g
Sugar 175 g
Glucose Powder 25 g
Stabiliser 3 g

Cook Water & Sugar all together to 55c
Add in Glucose Powder & Stabilizer into 1) and mix well
Mix in Raspberry Puree, making sorbet by sorbet machine