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Eternal - Yoshiaki Uezaki


Biscuit chocolat

Whole Egg 250g
Invert Sugar (Trimoline)14g
Sugar 135g
Flour 100g
Cocoa Powder 20g
Butter 25g
Water 15g
Orange Zest  2 whole fruits  *This is key ingredients of this recipe

Mix Whole Egg, Trimoline and Sugar and Whip.
After 80% whipped, add Water and Orange Zest.
Mix with Flour and Cocoa powder.
Add the melted Butter.
Bake around 9min at 190℃.

Caramel noix

Walnut (roasted) 100g
Sugar 54g
Water 24g
Butter 7g
Orange Zest 1 whole fruit  *This is key ingredients of this recipe

Mix the Sugar and Water to make syrup.
Add chopped Walnut and crystallize the syrup.
Add Butter and Orange zest.
Pour into tray and let it to cool down.

Chocolat noix

Caramel Noix 70g
Callebaut Origin Ecuador 30g
Cocoa Powder some

Mix Caramel Noix with melted Chocolate.
Add Cocoa Powder to coat.
Use for decoration.

Biscuit brownie

Egg Yolk 126g
Sugar 80g
Egg White 180g
Sugar 112g
Cocoa powder 55g
Flour 75g
Almond Powder 18g
Fresh Cream 50g
Butter 98g
Callebaut Origin Ecuador 115g
Walnut (roasted) 100g

Melt the Chocolate, Fresh Cream and Butter together.
Add Egg Yolk, Sugar, Flour , Cocoa powder and Almond Powder.
Add meringue and mix lightly.
Add Walnut.
Bake around 25min at 170℃.

Saumur zest

Saumur 80g
Orange Zest 3 whole fruits  *This is key ingredients of this recipe
Sugar 5g

Mix Orange zest and Sugar.
Warm Saumur until 40℃.
Add to the Orange zest.
Cover with cling wrap to infuse flavour.

Confiture d'orange

Orange et orange amere puree 60g
Passion fruit Puree 30g
Fresh orange Juice 35g
Saumur Zest 15g
Sugar 40g
Pectin 3g

Mix all the ingredients.
Put into a sauce pan and boil.

Ganache orange

Callebaut Origin Arriba 100g
Callebaut Origin Ecuador 30g
Fresh Cream 50g
Saumur Zest 18g
Confiture d'Orange 70g

Melt the 2 chocolates
Add warmed Fresh Cream then emulsify.
Mix with Confiture and Saumur Zest.

Sirop d'orange

Confiture d'Orange rest
Fresh Orange Juice 10g
Saumur Zest 10g

Mix all the ingredients together.

Crème d'orange

Callebaut Origin Arriba 32g
Orange et orange amere puree 25g
Fresh Orange Juice 22g
Sugar 13g
Saumur Zest 8g
Gelatin 2g
Fresh Cream 76g

Warm Puree, Juice and Sugar.
Add Gelatin, Saumur Zest.
Mix with the melted Chocolates. 
Mix with Fresh Cream (80% whipped).

Chantilly chocolat d'orange

Callebaut Origin Ecuador 25g
Milk 32g
Sugar 8g
Samur Zest 13g
Orange et orange amere puree 12g
Speculoos Powder 0.2g
Gelatin 1.6g
Fresh Cream 80g

Warm Milk and Sugar.
Add Gelatin.
Mix with the melted Chocolate.
Add Puree, Saumur and Speculoos Powder.
Mix with Fresh Cream (80% whipped).

Crème au chocolat

Milk 114g
Tahitian Vanilla pod 1/3
Egg Yolk 20g
Sugar 6g
Gelatin 2.6g
Callebaut Origin Ecuador 60g
Callebaut Origin Arriba 144g
Coffee beans 10g
Fresh Cream 192g
Speculoos Powder 0.2g

Crush coffee beans roughly.
Add into the warmed Milk.
Infuse for 5 min.
Make anglaise with the Milk, Vanilla, Egg Yolk, Sugar and Speculoos Powder.
Add Gelatin.
Mix with the melted Chocolates.
Add Fresh Cream (60% whipped).

Glacage chocolat caramel

Sugar 150g
Trehalose 120g
Fresh Cream (A) 270g
Callebaut 3815NV 69g
Gelatin 9.6g
Fresh Cream (B) 180g
Kahlua 30g

Make a Caramel with Sugar and Trehalose.
Add the warmed Fresh Cream (A), add Gelatin.
Mix with the Chocolate.
Add Fresh Cream (B) and Kahlua.


Slice 7mm thin BISCUIT CHOCOLAT layer, apply SIROP d'ORANGE on the surface.
Pour CRÈME d'ORANGE (5mm thin) then put into the Freezer.
Pour CHANTILLY CHOCOLAT d'ORANGE (5mm thin), put into Freezer.
Pour GANACHE ORANGE thinly, Sprinkle CARAMEL NOIX, pour GANACHE ORANGE again on it, then make this layer 7mm.
Pour 1/3 of CRÈME AU CHOCOLAT into frame.
Place the frozen center.
Put into Freezer.