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Xocolate y árbol - Chocolate and tree - Asgeir Sandholt

Xocolate y árbol - Chocolate and tree

Hot Chocolate Mousse

Whole fat milk 270 g
Sugar 50 g
Agar Agar 1 g
Carma Madagascar origine rare 64% 160 g

Heat the milk
Add the sugar together with the agar agar and bring to a boil
Emulsify with the melted chocolate
Keep the mousse in a siphon at ca.45°C
Serve à la minute

Cocoa Nibs´Ice Cream

Full fat milk 315 g
Non fat milk powder 22 g 
Sugar 70 g
Inverted sugar 6 g
Powdered glucose 22 g
Single cream 36% 115 g
Egg yolks 20 g
Cocoa nibs 65 g
Stabilizer 2.5 g

Mix half of the sugar with the stabilizer
Heat the milk together with the milk powder
Add the sugars followed by the cocoa nibs and the sugar-stabilizer mix at 45°C
Mix together the egg yolks and cream
Add to the previous mixture and heat to 85°C
Remove the cocoa nibs and leave to cool
Place the ice cream in a pacojet box and freeze

Guava Core

Neutral gel 500 g
Guava purée 50 g
Birch liqueur 50 g

Mix all the ingredients together
Pipe into silicon moulds

Guava Tonic Sauce with fresh Mango Brunoise

Guava purée 70 g
Fresh lemon juice 12 g
Tonic water 35 g
Sugar 30 g
Apple pectin 2 g 
Birch liqueur 20 g
Fresh mango in cubes 25 g  

Mix together the sugar and the pectin
Bring the guava purée, the lemon juice and tonic water to a boil
Add the sugar-pectin mix and stir
Once the sauce has cooled down, add the birch liqueur and blend
Finally incorporate he fresh mango cubes

Lime Jelly

Neutral gel 20 g
Lime honey 5 g
Fresh lime juice 10 g
Lime zest 1 g

Mix all ingredients together and blend


Caramelized Birch Marshmallow

Sugar 30 g
Guava purée 9 g 
Inverted sugar 9 g
Gelatin 2 g
Inverted sugar 12 g 
Infused birch water 5 g

Soak the gelatin in cold water
Boil the sugar, 90g inverted sugar and guava purée to 116°C
Meanwhile stir the rest of the inverted sugar together with the birch water
Pour the hot sugar mixture over the birch mixture and whip
While still hot, add the gelatin
As soon as the marshmallow has reached the wanted texture, pour into frames and leave to cool
Cut into cubes and dust with a mix of corn starch and icing sugar

Cocoa Nibs´Nougatine

Sugar 37 g
Pectin NH 1 g
Butter 33 g
Glucose syrup 12 g 
Cocoa nibs 37 g
Water 2.5 g

Mix the sugar together with the pectin
Add the butter, glucose and water
Cook until it thickens
Add the cocoa nibs and spread thinly on a baking sheet
Bake at 180°C until golden brown

Guava Caramel Cream

Sugar 37 g
Butter 15 g
Single cream 36% 22 g
Guava purée 50 g
Glucose syrup 5 g
Cacao Barry Lactée Superieure 38, 2% 50g
Salt 0.5 g
Rose pepper 1 g 

Heat the cream together with the guava purée, set aside
Make a dry caramel with the sugar
Stir in the glucose, followed by the butter and salt
Deglaze with the cream
Add the rose pepper seeds and bring to a boil
Emulsify with the chocolate
Mix everything well with a hand blender and leave to crystallize

Chocolate Spray

Carma Madagascar origine rare 64% 80 g
Cacao Barry Lactée Superieure 38, 2% 70 g
Cocoa butter 80 g

Mix all ingredients and keep hot


Decoration: Rose pepper and fennel leaves

Freeze the ice cream
Fill half of the moulds with ice cream, add the guava core and close by adding more ice cream, freeze
Place some of the guava caramel on the plate
Lay a piece of cocoa nibs nougatine on top
Cut the marshmallow into cubes, place on the plate and caramelize
Take the ice cream out of the moulds, spray and place them on top of the coca nibs nougatine
Place the guava – tonic sauce around the ice cream
Followed by the mango cubes, topped with lime jelly
Decorate with the rose pepper and fennel leaves
Finally take the siphon with the hot chocolate mousse and spray on the plate a la minute