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Asgeir Sandholt

This is the first time that Iceland qualifies for the World Chocolate Masters Final!


Pastry chef at Sandholt Bakery, Reykjavik in Iceland is extremely happy to have won the title "Icelandic Chocolate Master 2010-2011". Before working at Sandholt Bakery, Asgeir was a Pastry chef at Lars Hjort Konditori in EUC Ringsted Copenhagen, Denmark

Awards and competitions:
Competitions with the Icelandic national team 2002 - 2006:
2004: Olympics Erfurt
2005: Basel
2005: Hot Scott
1997: Chocolate Festival, Copenhagen Denmark - Silver
1999: Nordic Championship, Denmark - 4th place
2000: Nordic Championship, Denmark -  1st place
2000: NM for young Confectioners, Copenhagen/Denmark - Gold
2000: Young Bakers World Championship, Lisbon/Portugal Diploma
2000: Icelandic Championship, Iceland - 1st place
2002: Icelandic Championship, Iceland - 2nd place