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The impossible task for each contestant


All finalists already proved their worth during the national qualifiers. But they’ll have to do it all over again during the nerve-wracking 3-day final of the sixth edition of the World Chocolate Masters.

This year’s theme, ‘Inspiration from Nature’, is more inspirational than ever, but might prove difficult to crystallise into chocolate. The competing chefs will need to create brand-new interpretations on taste, texture and culinary experience, using nothing but chocolate and chocolate derivatives, and with nature as their biggest source of inspiration. A challenging feat, you ask? You bet it is!

Going for broke

How the finalists interpret the theme is completely up to their wild imagination. But that’s not a given, considering the hypercritical jury that counts many of the world’s most renowned chefs and food specialists breathing down their necks. And if that wasn’t stressful enough, each finalist has to take on 19 competitors, each one equally expert and equally fascinated with chocolate. So they’ll have to put everything on the line to stand out. Who will demonstrate the most creativity, the most ingenuity, the most mastery and above all the most audacity?

By the way, each chocolate creation has to meet a strict set of rules. And the jury won’t take kindly to any deviations from its rulebook!

The scores

To earn the title of 2015 World Chocolate Master, the winning chef will have to display overall excellence. The jury will assess each contestant on the following assignments:

Day 1 and 2 (all candidates):

  • Chocolate showpiece (17%)
  • Moulded praline (15%)
  • 'My Or Noir Story' (15%)
  • Chocolate Snack to Go (15%)
  • Kitchen skills (10%)

Day 3 (superfinalists):

  • Patisserie of the Day (15%)
  • Creation 'Where Nature Goes' (13%)

Given the strictness of the rulebook and taking the time factor into account, it will surely prove to be a stressful but very rewarding experience for all contestants. So make sure to show them lots of support!

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