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Nuance - Dimitri Salmon


Sponge cake

480g eggs
  17g egg Yolk
140g sugar 
    1g salt 
  45g strong Flour 
200g Callebaut Dark Chocolate 70%


1. Mix the egg yolk, salt and sugar.
2. Stir in the flour and melt at 40°C then mix in the chocolate
3. Meter siphon and add three gas cartridges
4. Cook in the microwave for 45 seconds at 900W

creamy chocolate

150g cream
     1 lemon zest
  10g lemon juice
   1/2 vanilla pod
  20g praliné
  65g Callebaut dark chocolate
  35g Callebaut milk chocolate


1. Boil the cream with the praliné, lemon zest, lemon juice and vanilla and infuse for 10 minutes
2. Strain over the chocolate with a chinois and mix
3. Pour into spheres, freeze mould and Glaser

creamy chocolate orange

150g orange juice
  30g sugar
  10g cocoa
  20g dark chocolate (Or Noir)


1. Bring the purée to a boil with the sugar and pour over the cocoa and chocolate
2. Turbinate

raspberry crisp

50g butter
50g sugar cane
50g flour
50g almond (ground)                                             
30g raspberry powder
 1g red colouring


1. Mix all the ingredients together and knead
2. Grate frozen on silpat and bake at 140°C for 3x4 minutes

orange coulis

175g orange   
  75g yuzu    
125g sugar    
  25g sugar    
  10g pectin    
  15g vanilla vinegar 


1. Boil the juice and 125g sugar
2. Add the pectin to 25g sugar and cook for 2 minutes before cooking and adding the vinegar

carrot slide

100g sugar
100g water
   5g Thé Amman
 10g vanilla vinegar


1. Make a syrup with sugar, water and tea
2. Add the carrots, cut into thin slices, and cook for 1 minute
3. Add the vinegar and keep souvide

Gervais sauce

100g Gervais
 30g cream
   5g sugar


1. Mix all ingredients with a whisk, meter in hand.

puck mango

100g bergamot juice
100g sugar
     1 mango cubes
  10g gelatin Plant
    1g gelatin + 5g water



1. Bring the juice and sugar to a boil then add the mango, cut into cubes, and cook for 2 minutes
2. Add the gelatin
3. Pour into a frame to harden before cutting into a small circle

jelly glazing

420g water
  80g sugar
  50g vegetal gelatin
  20g cocoa


1. Boil all the ingredients and the wet sphere.

Basic syrup

250g water
150g sugar
  65g glucose (atomized)


1. Boil the mixture then cool

carrot juice

100g water carrot
100g syrup base


1. Mix and put 15gr per burette 



1. Draw on plexi the sauce Gervais, sprinkle crunchy raspberry and add a sphere of creamy chocolate on the side.
2. Put the biscuit sponge cake, the carrot and mango and add a quenelle of sorbet on top.
3. Add a point of orange coulis.
4. Repeat 3 times this operation on the plexi
5. Put the carrot juice in the burette to finish the passion