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Fusion - Akihiro Kakimoto



300g prune (Seedless)                     
  30g sherry (Ratafia)                       


1. Mix all by Robot Coupe
2. Spread into a frame with 2mm thin


Fig ganache

148g fig purée                                   
  18g invert sugar                                 
100g dried fig paste                           
225g Cacao Barry Mexique dark chocolate
  17g butter (non salted)                     
  33g sherry (Ratafia)                          


  1. Heat Fig puree and Invert sugar until boil
  2. Mix melted Chocolate and Fig paste by Robot Coupe
  3. Add (1) into (2) to make ganache
  4. Let it cool. Add Sherry at 40℃ then add Butter at 35℃
  5. Spread in to frame with 4mm thin

Foie Gras ganache

240g terrine de Foie Gras                 
  80g beer                                           
  26g invert Sugar                                
176g Cacao Barry Ghana milk chocolate   
120g Cacao Barry Tanzanie dark chocolate
  20g sorbitol                                        
  18g sherry


  1. Heat Terrine de Foie Gras, Beer and Invert sugar. Add melted chocolate and emulsify
  2. Let it cool until below 40℃. Add Sherry and sorbitol 
  3. Spread into frame with 4mm thin


100g sugar                                       
240g Valencia almonds                     
  68g Cacao Barry Ghana milk chocolate
    1g lemon zest                              


  1. Caramelize almonds with Sugar, spread on silpat to let them cool
  2. Mix (1) with melted chocolate and lemon zest with the Robot Coupe
  3. Spread into frame with 2mm thin

Foie Gras terrine

 280g Foie Gras                                
  2.8g salt                                         
0.14g white pepper                          
     5g sorbitol                                        
     9g sherry (Ratafia)                           


  1. Clean the Foie Gras well
  2. Mix all ingredients, wrap with cling film and leave overnight
  3. Put in heat-resistant container and vacuum it
  4. Bake in steam convection oven at 60℃ for 1 hour


  1. Make up layers in this order: prune, fig ganache, praliné, Foie Gras ganache
  2. Cut and coat with Cacao Barry Ghana milk chocolate and Extra Bitter Guayaquil dark chocolate


  1. Silver powder
  2. Gold powder
  3. Cacao Barry Extra Bitter Guayaquil dark chocolate