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42 years old Mr. Kakimoto is currently living and in charge of Chef Chocolatier at “Salon de Royal” in Kyoto (the head office of this shop is in Osaka). He has had several titles in the different competition in pastry and chocolate such as Gold Medal at Japan Cake show in Chocolate craft section etc. Now he has got the title of “Japan Chocolate Master” and will challenge for the world final of WCM 2013 in Paris.
“With this age, firstly I had relieved to hear the result” said Mr. Kakimoto reviewing his tough practice and preparation for this competition. “It will surely be the tough year again heading Paris for the World Final, but I will go to grab the world title!”

From now, he will start further practice and training to prepare the world final. The previous winners and senior chefs will give him advises and training and will prepare together as “Team Japan” for the world final in 2013.