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ARCH BRIDGE - Hans Ovando

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Pine nut praline

220g toasted pine nuts
  45g white sugar
  45g caramelized sugar
160g Cacao Barry blanc satin 29.2%
  40g pailleté feuilletine
  35g cocoa butter 
     1 zest of lemon 
     2 zest of limes 
 2.5g fleur de sel

1. Make a praline with the pine nuts, the caramel, the sugar and the lemon zest.
2. Melt the cocoa butter and the coating and mix with the praline and with the other ingredients

Pate de fruit

130g lemon juice
190g water 
    8g pectin ruban jaune
290g white sugar 
  65g glucose
  30g invert sugar syrup 
    3g citric acid 
    3g water 
  25g ginger


1. Mix half the sugar with the pectin. Warm the juice and the water with the other sugars to 35ºC.
2. Sprinkle in and heat to 106ºC stirring all the time. Add the citric acid dissolved in the water, mix and place in the mould.


White chocolate blanc satin 29,2%

  1. Dip