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2014-2015 National selections are about to start!


The World Chocolate Masters, organised by Cacao Barry, is the premium international competition devoted solely to the art of chocolate. The search for the world’s greatest exponent of chocolate work begins now with a series of National Selections to be held throughout all corners of the earth and ending with a World final at the end of 2015.

Based on national selections, the competition is open to any of the world’s most talented chocolate craftsmen and women who will have first to compete for the title of “National Chocolate Master” before having the great chance to represent their country at the 2015 grand international final. This first phase will result in the selection of 20 finalists representing 20 different countries. 

Under the supervision of a talented and well-known Jury, each contestant will have to prepare delicious chocolate creations under the theme “Inspiration from Nature” during the national contest:

  • One chocolate showpiece
  • One moulded praline/bonbon
  • One cake of the day
  • One chocolate to go
Click on a country in the calendar to discover more about the national preselections.