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Origine - Yumiko Saimura



Walnut praline 146 g
Arriba milk chocolate 39% 35 g
Chocolate mass 18 g
Cocoa butter 12 g
Paillete feuilletine 25 g

Melt separately the chocolate, the chocolate mass and the cocoa butter, blend them together, add the praline and take it to 28C.
Strain in apposite frames, vibrating whilst pouring to aid the air spillage.
Crystallize at 17C – 60% humidity.


Fresh pouring cream 102 g
White Velvet covering 212 g 
Inverted sugar 20 g
Butter 48 g
Tahiti vanilla pods 2 

Bring to the boil the whipping cream together with the inverted sugar and the vanilla. Strain, pour the boiling hot mix slowly on the previously melted covering. Stir, the mix must look elastic and shiny.
Add the butter cut into cubes as soon as the ganache cream reaches about 35C and blend everything together. Decrease the temperature to 27-28 C
Spread the mix on the crunchy walnut praline baking tray.
Leave to crystallize at 17C – 60% humidity


Fresh cream 35% m.g. 130 g
Pure Arabian coffee beans 25 g
Inverted sugar 15 g
Dark chocolate 70% Ecuador 97 g 
Arriba milk chocolate 39% 125 g

Heat the cream to 18C and infuse the coffee beans (toasted), for 24 hours.
Bring to the boil the cream together with the coffee, filter by pressing accurately, add the inverted sugar and simmer.
Pour in small stages on the chocolates previously chopped, emulsify leaving out any air. Spread on purposely made frames, on the vanilla cream and leave to crystallize at 17C at 60% humidity for 24 hours.
Cut into stripes, cover with Callebaut dark chocolate 5835 NV-16.


Mixing together the coffee, the hazelnuts, the vanilla and the Callebaut chocolate “Origine Ecuador”, make it a Central American product.