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Mixtli - Ryan Stevenson


Yuzu Ganache

Cream 150 g
Glucose 28 g
Trimoline 37g
Sichaun pepper 6.5 g
Yuzu puree 132 g
Banana puree 68 g
Dark Chocolate Alto et Sol 375 g
Milk Chocolate Arriba 300 g

Boil the cream, glucose, trimoline and pepper together
Strain immediaently on to the chocolate and add the purees then mix

Home-made praliné

Water 60 g
Sugar 170 g
Glucose 20 g
Pine nuts 300 g
Seasame seeds 40 g

Seasame oil 20 g
½ Vanilla bean
Fine salt 2g
Lemon zest 6g

Boil water, sugar and glucose to 185°C then pour over pre-roasted nuts
When cool add scraped vanilla, salt and zets and grind into paste

Praliné layer

Praline 370 g
Milk chocolate Arriba 54 g
Cocoa butter 62 g

Warm chocolats, mix all together.

Ginger Pâte du fruit

Ginger juice 300 g
Banana puree 200 g
Pectin 'jaune' 12 g
Sugar 54 g
Glucose 50 g
Sugar 470 g
Citric acid 4 g
Water 8 g
Ginger confit 100 g


Warm purees, add pectin mixed with sugar and boil
Add sugar and glucose and re-boil until 76° Brix
Add citric acid and cool
When cooled mix with ginger cofit