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Au coeur de la forêt - Heart of the forest - Ryan Stevenson

Au coeur de la forêt - Heart of the forest

Chocolate crumble

Ground almonds 141 g
Butter 116 g 
Sugar 75 g
Brown sugar 60 g
Flour 100 g 
Cocoa powder 30g
Salt 4.5 g 
Vanilla bean 1
Lime zest 17 g 

Mix together and bake at 150°C for 20mins

Sorbet mandarine

Water 75 g  
Dextrose 15 g
Powdered glucose 30 g
Sugar 155 g
Stabilisator 3 g
Orange zest
Mandarine juice 
Lemon juice  

Heat the water, dextrose, glucose, sugar and stabilsator
Add the rest of the ingredients and freeze

Chocolate mousse 'Alto et Sol'

Milk 87 g
Cream 96 g
Glucose 92 g
Dark chocolate Alto et Sol 224 g
Dark chocolate Saint Domingo 52 g
Whipped cream 35% 250 g
Egg whites 65 g
Glucose 100 g

Boil the milk, cream and glucose then add the softened gelatine
Pour over chocolates and mix well
When cooled add the whipped cream in three times then the meringue

Chocolate cream

Milk 200 g 
Cream 100 g
Sugar 46 g
Cornflour 10 g 
Poudre à crème 10 g
Egg yolks 40 g
Dark chocolate Sao Thomé 58 g
Butter 42 g

Boil the milk, cream and sugar together and pour over the egg yolks already mixed with the cornflour and poudre à crème
Make a crème patisserie then add the chocolates and butter

Chocolate sorbet

Milk 390 g
Sugar 34 g 
Milk powder 16 g
Stabilisator 2 g
Dextrose 27 g
Dark chocolate Sao Thomé 82 g
Milk chocolate Arriba 36 g

Mix together and freeze
Turbine in Pacojet and then place into small sphere moulds

Nougatine chocolate

Isomalt 400 g
Crumble chocolate powder 200 g

Cook isomalt to 165°C, then add the powder and mix well
Pour on to silplat and make forms

Espuma kalamansi

Kalamansi puree 190 g
Mango puree 60 g
Sugar 62 g
Proespuma 26 g
Lecithine 2 g
Cream 200 g

Mix all together, put into siphon

Cremeux passionfruit

Passionfruit puree 120 g
Mango puree 36 g
Almond Milk 18 g
Eggs yolks 120 g
Sugar 130 g
Gelatine leaves 2 g
Butter 110 g

Boil together the purees with the almond milk then pour over egg yolks already mixed with sugar
Make an anglaise then add gelatine and then cool
Add butter at 40°C

Sponge cake

Egg whites 150 g
Egg yolks 80 g
Pistachio powder 54 g
Flour 65 g
Sugar 50 g
Honey 32 g
Lemon zest 4 g
1/2 Vanilla bean
Fine salt 0.7 g

Mix all together, strain into siphon
Add gas canisters then cook in microwave

Crunchy massepain

Massepain 66% 100 g
Dark chocolate Saint Domingo 22 g
Caramelised almonds 65 g

Warm the chocolate and mix with the massepain
Add the almonds and grind coarsely

Sauce chocolate

Milk 125 g
Cream 34 g
Sugar 44 g  
Cocoa powder 24 g
Butter 42 g
Chocolate Madirofolo 56 g
1 Tonka bean  
Vanilla 1/2

Boil milk with sugar, vanilla and tonka bean
Leave to infuse then add rest of ingredients