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A day in the life of Belgian contestant Marijn Coertjens


We’re two weeks away from the Belgian WCM qualifying round in the Chocolate Academy Centre in Wieze, which will go hand in hand with a couple of exciting workshops and interesting seminars. In the meantime, Belgian competitor Marijn Coertjens is intensively preparing for the day to come in The Peninsula hotel in Hong Kong. Luckily for us, he had a bit of time to do an interview.

WCM Communications Team: When did you decide to sign up for the Belgian WCM qualifying round?

Marijn: “Ever since I moved to Hong Kong 3.5 years ago I knew I would enter the 2015 World Chocolate Masters. A part of my preparation was coaching my friend Marike van Beurden for the Dutch selection and the finals of 2013. And now the time has come for me to compete in the Belgian qualifying round.”

WCM Communications Team: And how are the preparations going?

Marijn: “Since I have a big journey ahead of me I already sent my equipment and sculptures to Belgium. That’s 260 kg of cargo that’s on its way to Wieze. This week I’ll do the last preparations in Hong Kong for all the hand luggage and then I’ll fly 10,000 km to do the final preparations in Belgium.”

WCM Communications Team: How are you planning on incorporating this year’s ‘Inspiration from Nature’ theme into your creations?

Marijn: “The ‘Inspiration from Nature’ theme gives me a wide range of ideas the work with. My father has passed a lot of knowledge and love for nature onto me ever since I was a little boy. Over the years this has given me a large source of inspiration to put into my creations for the competition. I want them to tell a story about nature and its culture. It’s a story that belongs to us all and should bring us closer to nature again with all its beauty.”

WCM Communications Team: Thank you for taking out some time for us during this hectic period, Marijn. Good luck in Wieze!

Marijn: “Thank you!”