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Brazil to be represented by Diego Lozano during 2015 WCM final


The Brazilian leg of the 2015 World Chocolate Masters preselections, which was held on Wednesday 29 October, brought forth its champion. None less than chocolatier Diego Lozano from São Paulo was chosen by the jury as his country's representative at the final of the World Chocolate Masters, which takes place at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris. (em Português)

In total, five competitors went head to head with each other in the Chocolate Academy in São Paulo to earn the much-coveted title of ‘Brazilian Chocolate Master’. Impelled by this year’s ‘Inspiration from Nature’ theme, each competitor showed the extent of his creativity and chocolate mastery by making delicious moulded pralines, baking a delightful cake with nothing but day-fresh ingredients, designing a ‘Chocolate to go’ concept and erecting a compelling chocolate showpiece.

The jury that meticulously evaluated all the competitors’ creations was composed of renowned chefs and professionals from the world of chocolate. Chairman Flávio Federico of I Dolci shared the heavy responsibility with his colleagues Renata Arassiro and Dominique Guerin (both Callebaut Ambassadors and owners of Renata Arassiro Chocolates and Boulangerie Guerin respectively), Rafael Barros (Opera Ganache), Arnor Porto (Sweethings) and Lia Quinderé (Sucré Patisserie).

Diego Lozano: winner of the Brazilian preselections of the 2015 World Chocolate Masters

Diego Lozano took the overall first place in the competition and was also granted the award for ‘Best Showpiece’. In addition to earning the title of ‘Brazilian Chocolate Master’ and a spot in the 2015 final of the World Chocolate Masters, Lozano also wins a trip to Cacao Barry’s Or Noir laboratory in Paris, where he gets to create his own signature chocolate recipe. In preparation for the WCM final, Lozano also gets to design his own polycarbonate chocolate mould with a total value of € 3,000.

It was an exhilarating national qualifying round to say the least. But only one chocolate craftsman may crown himself the winner. São Paulo’s own Fernando de Oliveira came in second and earned himself the award for ‘Best Moulded Praline’. Third place went to pastry chef Ricardo Campos from Joinville, Santa Catarina. Campos, however, proved his dominance in two of the four competition stages, for which he was awarded the prizes ‘Best Cake of the Day’ and ‘Best Chocolate to Go’.

The winning creations

Jury and participants