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Dutch Chocolate Master showcase with Ramon Huigsloot


There was only one Dutch chef brave enough to follow in the footsteps of Frank Haasnoot (2011 World Chocolate Master) and Marike van Beurden (second place in the 2013 WCM final), but that didn’t keep Ramon Huigsloot from giving a taste of what he’ll conjure up during the World Chocolate Masters final in Paris.

Eager to put himself on the (inter)national radar, the 29-year-old Ramon showed his chocolate and pastry skills during an inspiring showcase that was held at the Chocolate Academy in Zundert on 2 March, 2015. As a member of the Dutch Pastry Team and pastry advisor for Zeelandia, he proved the Dutch jury that he was more than worthy of representing the Netherlands at the 2015 World Chocolate Masters final. During the showcase, Ramon demonstrated his delicious competition creations up close to an excited audience while honing his chocolate skills to perfection.

The crowded event went hand in hand with several exciting workshops, trainings, tastings and presentations, and they were all about chocolate. Check out the photo report below.

Ramon Huigsloot's creations

Ramon Huigsloot at work


The award ceremony