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Emmanuel Ryon

When asked what idea or which ideas would define his pastry creations best, Chef Emmanuel Ryon replied without a single hesitation “le goût, le goût, le goût” (“taste, taste and taste again”).

Chef Ryon’s taste for competitions led him to discover that he was capable of turning dreams and ideas into reality: he participated in 25 competitions, eventually winning the Meilleur Ouvrier de France title for ice cream and the World Championship Pastry in 1999.

His success allowed Chef Ryon to travel, especially with the help of Bellouet Conseil, a pastry school that recruited him to train professionals on an international level, conduct demonstrations and write a book about ice cream. That is when he met Andrey Dellos, the epicurean founder of Café Pouchkine and all the related restaurants in Moscow. A rewarding exchange began and enabled Chef Ryon to create his “dream pastry”.

Chef Ryon found confidence thanks to 3-star Chef Anne-Sophie Pic, with whom he created extravagant desserts, subtle and generous at once. Finally, in June 2015, Chef Ryon opened up a new shop exclusively dedicated to ice cream, which he baptised Une glace à Paris and which is located in Le Marais, a famous and historic Parisian district.