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Geraldine Müller-Maras takes the crown in Switzerland


On 25 January, six Swiss chocolatiers and pastry chefs got up their courage and entered the Chocolate Academy Centre in Bern to earn the much-coveted title of Swiss Chocolate Master. But only one came out the victor: 38-year-old Géraldine Müller-Maras, director of the Atelier du Chocolat at Maison Cailler.

Nicole Beckmann, Samuel Romagné, Olivia Abrach, Mickael Lysakowski and Grégoire Maury all made a remarkable display of their creativity and chocolate expertise, but in the end, none of them was a match for Géraldine Müller-Maras. Crowning herself Swiss Chocolate Master, she has the honour of representing Switzerland during the 2015 World Chocolate Masters final in Paris, during the Salon du Chocolat.

The podium:

First place: Geraldine Müller-Maras
Second place: Nicole Beckmann
Third place: Olivia Abrach

Individual awards:

Best moulded praline: Géraldine Müller-Maras
Best Chocolate to Go concept: Nicole Beckmann
Best Cake of the Day: Olivia Abrach
Best chocolate showpiece: Mickael Lysakowski

The Swiss-Australian Geraldine Müller-Maras is no newcomer to the world of chocolate. Her wanderlust spirit as a professional culinary globetrotter has taken her all over the globe: she worked as commis pastry chef at Mosimann's in London, was hired by the Jardin des Sens in Montpellier (France) and the MS Hanseatic, the only 5-star expedition ship in the entire world, has taken her to see every bit of sea stretching from the Caribbean to the Antarctic. Then, after a stopover in France, she spent eight years seeking new challenges as a pastry chef in Australia.

In 2012, Geraldine Müller-Maras and her colleagues were awarded with the 'Gourmand World Cookbook Award' in the 'Best in the World' competition for 'SOMTUM: a Meeting of Flavours, Tastes and Cultures'. In the same year, she returned to her Swiss roots and has worked as director of the Atelier du Chocolat at Maison Cailler.