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Interview with Dutch WCM candidate Ramon Huigsloot


An inspiring chocolate showcase featuring Dutch WCM candidate Ramon Huigsloot will take place in the Chocolate Academy in Zundert on 2 March, 2015. With Frank Haasnoot crowing himself the 2011 World Chocolate Master and Marike van Beurden coming in second in the 2013 World Chocolate Masters final, the new Dutch Chocolate Master has some pretty big shoes to fill.

The 29-year-old Ramon is eager to put himself on the (inter)national radar. That's why he'll treat everyone to a showcase in the Chocolate Academy that will go hand in hand with several exciting workshops, trainings and presentations. As a member of the Dutch Pastry Team and pastry advisor for Zeelandia, he's going to demonstrate his delicious competition creations while honing his chocolate skills to perfection. The event is free and open to the public. But don't forget to sign up.

Ramon Huigsloot

WCM Communications Team: What were your motives for singing up for the Dutch preselections?

Ramon: “I decided to sign up because I want to find out where I stand in comparison with the world’s greatest chocolatiers and pastry chefs. I really want to put myself to the test. It’s an honour for me to represent my country and I will do everything in my power to earn myself a spot on the podium.”

WCM Communications Team: What can we expect from the showcase in the Chocolate Academy on 2 March?

Ramon: “I’ve been preparing for the Dutch national qualifying round since January 2014. From the very start, I’ve been focussing on competing against two or three other candidates. But since it turned out that I’m the only Dutch candidate, I haven’t been resting on my laurels. I won’t spill the beans yet, but the showcase is really going to be worth visiting. Trust me.”

WCM Communications Team: How do you prepare?

Ramon: “While preparing for the national qualifying round, I’ve surrounded myself with a group of people that really help me out. And I regularly use WhatsApp to send pictures of my creations to my teammates in the Dutch Pastry Team for review. And let me tell you, they don’t spare me.”

WCM Communications Team: Which candidate from the previous editions of the World Chocolate Masters has left the biggest impression on you?

Ramon: “Frank Haasnoot and Marike van Beurden of course! I can’t imagine achieving what they achieved. They’ve left me some pretty big shoes to fill.”

WCM Communications Team: During the World Chocolate Masters final, all candidates have to successfully complete four competition assignments. Which assignment will be the biggest challenge for you?

Ramon: “Definitely the chocolate showpiece. I mean, pralines and pastry are all part of my daily routine. But a chocolate showpiece isn’t something I conjure up every day. And it’s the most impressive assignment. So it will prove to be a real brain twister for me to come up with something extraordinary.”

WCM Communications Team: How are you planning on incorporating the ‘Inspiration from Nature’ theme into your creations?

Ramon: “I’m planning on creating a composition that fuses the world above and below sea level. But I can’t tell you anything more about it.”

WCM Communications Team: So, if we want to know more, we’ll just have to attend the showcase, won’t we?

Ramon: “That’s right.”

WCM Communications Team: Thank you so much for this interview, Ramon. See you in Paris!

Ramon: “You’re very welcome."