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Interview with Italian contestant Massimiliano Baglivo


With only three days left until ten candidates go head to head with each other to earn the much-coveted title of Italian chocolate master, one participant is still training relentlessly in his workshop to perfect his technique to the extreme: Massimiliano Baglivo. At AGROGEPACIOK, the Italian salon for ice cream, pastry, chocolate and food industry professionals in Lecce, Massimiliano walked away with the awards for best chocolate showpiece and best moulded praline. So he’ll certainly know how to impress both the jury and the crowd in Rimini. Here’s a brief interview with him.

WCM Communications Team: How is practice working out for you?

Massimiliano: “I’m preparing myself with great care and dedication, because the World Chocolate Masters are the perfect opportunity to make a lasting impression. But practice can be exhausting sometimes, considering that the Christmas holidays have just passed and I’m putting in really long hours.”


Massimiliano Baglivo


WCM Communications Team: What is the competition assignment you are most excited about?

Massimiliano: “Creating the chocolate showpiece is without a doubt the assignment I’m most excited about, because it allows you to experiment extensively with numerous different techniques.”

Massimiliano Baglivo


WCM Communications Team: It was a pleasure talking to you, Massimiliano. Break a leg in Rimini!

Massimiliano: “The pelasure was all mine.”