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Interview with Italian contestant Sandy Astrali


Taking both first place and the award for best Cake of the Day during the regional selections in Milan, Sandy Astrali is hungry for more. After her work hours in pastry shop Opera in Castelfranco Veneto, she immediately starts slaving away at the chocolate creations she has thought out for the Italian qualifying rounds in Rimini in order to perfect her execution times. Hoping to catch a glimpse of what she’ll have in store for us during the national selections, we caught up with Sandy for a little interview.

WCM Communications Team: What do your training days typically look like?

Sandy: “My training day starts immediately after work hours. I often spend at least six hours a day training for the World Chocolate Masters. I have figured out how I’m going to put the different assignments of the competition into practice and now I’m focussing on perfecting my execution times.”


Sandy Astrali


WCM Communications Team: What are your expectations for the Italian World Chocolate Masters final?

Sandy: “I expect to be valued as the ideal candidate, who meets all the requirements necessary to represent Italy during the world final in Paris.”

Sandy Astrali


WCM Communications Team: Thank you for taking out some time to talk to us, Sandy. We wish you a lot of success in Rimini!

Sandy: “You're very welcome!”