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Lluís Estrada Canal

Lluís Estrada Canal represents the second generation of Pastelería Canal, a family business with over 40 years of history that combines the Catalan pastry making tradition with the latest trends and techniques. He received training at the Escuela de Hostelería in Sant Pol de Mar, and worked in several restaurants and cocktail bars to obtain the experience necessary to take up the position of pastry chef at Pastelería Canal.

In 1998 Chef Canal decided to move back home and launch a project closely linked to his family, based on the modernisation of the best pastry making traditions found in Catalonia. His aim was to merge the 40-year-old heritage of his family history with a new, unique vision on the future of the master patissier's trade.

Chef Canal also managed to take his passion for creativity well beyond the dinner table. He created ‘Eat the Art’: ephemeral art exhibitions made exclusively with chocolate that were showcased at renowned venues such as Galería Giacomo (2004), Sala Vinçon (2005-2006) and Palau Robert (2008). His culinary talents and relentless tenacity earned him several awards such as the Premio al fomento de la armonía entre el arte y la confitería del chocolate (FICOP) (an award that promotes harmony between art and chocolate confectionery) and the Premio Joven Artesano Alimentario Innovador (Young Food Artisan Innovator Award).

Since 2013, Chef Canal has also been running COMAXURROS*, a new project for which he revisited the churrero trade in order to offer all kinds of churros and chocolate.