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The Or Noir experience with Diego Lozano


In addition to earning the title of ‘Brazilian Chocolate Master’ and a spot in the final of the 2015 World Chocolate Masters, Diego Lozano also won a trip to Cacao Barry’s Or Noir laboratory in Meulan, where he got to create his own signature chocolate. Discover everything there is to know about his Or Noir experience.

Diego Lozano, ready for a day of intensive experimenting with flavours and aromas to create his very own unique chocolate.

Step one: selecting the raw materials

In order for Diego to select all the perfumes and flavours for his own chocolate recipe, he firt had to subject all the Cacao Barry chocolates and cocoa pastes to a thorough sensory analysis.

Step two: preparing a signature recipe

The Or Noir software assisted Diego in creating his own signature couverture chocolate. It enabled him to explore the organoleptic results of several cocoa blends and allowed him to obtain a taste profile even before physical testing.

Step three: creating

Diego first blended the different Cacao Barry chocolates and cocoa pastes before testing his samples on the marble. The Or Noir laboratory lets you prepare and evaluate your recipe, all on the same day.

The delicious result?

Here’s Diego looking back on a very productive day. And judging by the look on his face, he’s quite happy with the results. We’re pretty curious about how his signature chocolate tastes… Guess we’ll have to wait for the World Chocolate Masters final at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris to find out!

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