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What to expect from the World Chocolate Masters final?


With the last national qualifying round behind us, Cacao Barry has now announced all 20 Chocolate Masters that advance to the world championship. During the final, the chocolatiers and pastry chefs that have remained unbeaten will have to pick up their whisks again to prove themselves worthy of the ‘2015 World Chocolate Master’ title. It’s the ultimate reward for a quest that will take them every ounce of inspiration, skill and determination. But what’s more is that the competition has shed its skin, only to present itself in an all-new form. Read on to discover all about it.

Now everyone can enjoy the thrill of the competition

Itself being a major driver of chocolate innovation, gourmet brand of high-quality chocolate Cacao Barry hosts the final of the 2015 World Chocolate Masters competition, which will take place at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris from 28 till 30 October 2015. The inspiring chocolate expo was formerly reserved for professionals in the food and chocolate industry exclusively, but as of this year the Salon du Chocolat is open to the public, eager to welcome anyone with a love for chocolate. In combination with a live video stream, this will allow everyone in the entire world to enjoy the thrill of the three-day competition final. So don’t miss out.

Inspiration from Nature

The shape of chocolate to come

Universally loved and passionately enjoyed, chocolate has never lacked worshippers throughout its long and delicious history. But as time progresses, so does our palate, and people’s taste for local, highly tailored and increasingly diverse chocolate creations has never been greater. That’s why the finalists have to face all-new competition challenges that meet the market trends of tomorrow, keeping the World Chocolate Masters firmly in the saddle as the world’s major catalyst for radical innovation in the sector.

This year’s ‘Inspiration from Nature’ theme wasn’t chosen on a whim either. It leaves a lot of room for interpretation, enabling finalists to defy all rules and conventions in the world of chocolate, encouraging them to show the entire world their view on what the future role of chocolate should be.

During the competition final, each candidate has to create and present the following:

  • A chocolate showpiece
  • A Sweet Snack on the Go
  • ‘My Or Noir Story'
  • A moulded praline
  • A Patisserie of the Day
  • An artistic creation titled: ‘Where Nature Goes’

An experienced jury of culinary professionals will judge the creations, taking into account creativity, presentation, resourcefulness, innovation, taste and technical skills.

All new this edition

All 20 candidates will go head to head with each other during day 1 and 2 of the competition final, but there will be a selection of the top 10 finalists at the end of the second day. These will advance to day 3, during which they’ll create the Patisserie of the Day and the artistic creation titled: ‘Where Nature goes’. This allows for a more intimate championship, closely involving supporters, jury members and (online) bystanders.


There’s more in it than worldwide recognition

Apart from the unforgettable experience of measuring oneself with 19 of the world’s best chocolatiers and pastry makers, the winner of the World Chocolate Masters final will be recognised on the international plane as the world’s best chocolate craftsman for a whole of two years. He/she can expect to get international media coverage from both consumer media and the trade press.

But that’s not all. The winner also gets the unique opportunity to launch his/her competition creations at the Harrods department store in London for a world exclusive sale during the Valentine's Day campaign starting 1 February 2016. On launch day, the winner will be on the shop floor promoting and celebrating his/her own products. That way people will not only get to know the 2015 World Chocolate Master by the photo accompanying his/her interviews, but they’ll have the unforgettable opportunity to put a taste to the name as well. A chance no self-respecting chocolate lover should pass up on.

Curious about the details?

The competition rules are up for download for everyone who is eager to learn every detail about the final. Do mind that the document is indicative and may be subject to changes. Contestants will receive an individual timetable and will be thoroughly informed about the competition details during a collective briefing.