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Winner of the Latin American preselections: Slawomir Korczak


Mexican chef Slawomir Korczak overwhelmed both the audience and the jury with his magnificent display of chocolate craftsmanship and artistic creativity, and crowned himself the winner of the Latin American preselections. (En español)

On 28 October, Mexico City formed the arena for the Latin American qualifying round of the 2015 World Chocolate Masters. First place went to Mexican chef Slawomir Korczak, who now has the honour of taking on the most talented chocolatiers from all over the world during the finals of the World Chocolate Masters, held at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris. During the electrifying competition, Slawomir managed to convince the jury, composed of renowned chefs and chocolate professionals, of his excellent chocolate mastery and inspirational artistry with some very creative and highly technical manifestations of this year’s ‘Inspiration from Nature’ theme. The jury, in turn, crowned Slawomir the champion among all Mexican, Colombian and Uruguayan contestants.

Winner of the Latin American preselections: Slawomir Korczak

Chef Slawomir is a graduate of Kurt Scheller’s Culinary Academy and has dedicated his career to sharing his knowledge with students from different universities in San Luis Potosí. Slawomir also founded ‘Polska Panadería y Chocolate’, where people from all over Mexico come to enjoy Polish chocolate delicacies and pastries.

Concluding, it was eye-opening to see how all participants of the Latin American preselections managed to let nature inspire them in their innovative chocolate creations based on Cacao Barry products.

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Astrid Morales

Daniel Cano

Jorge Rangel

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Slawomir Korczac

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