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Xano Saguer

Chef Xano Saguer was born in Figueres, in the Spanish province of Girona. He was only 15 when he told his father about his passion for pastry and his desire to become a pastry chef. From that moment on, he has never been too far from whisks and stoves. He attended the best pastry schools in his hometown and at just 19, he became bakery manager in charge of several teams.

In 1994, this self-taught pastry chef started learning about restaurant pastry and discovered a new discipline, more creative, more dynamic, with many more technical possibilities and richer at all levels than his beloved and revered traditional pastry. Chef Saguer thus completed his practical training in restaurants such as El Bulli and worked as pastry chef in nationally renowned restaurants like El Pati Verd with Chef Jean-Paul Vinay and Chef Jean-Luc Figueras.

In 1998 he became technical demonstrator for a well-known company, and his classes and demonstrations throughout the country helped awaken his interest in teaching. Consequently, spreading his knowledge, and researching new ingredients and techniques became his priority.

Throughout his culinary career, Chef Saguer has received several awards such as first place at the World Cup of Pastry for Spain in 2003 and Cacao Barry granted him the title of World Ambassador, an award that has only been given to 160 pastry chefs to date. Club de Gourmets Magazine once gave Chef Saguer the award for Best Dessert of the Year and he is listed first in the top 100 of Spanish cuisine.

Chef Saguer currently works as professor, creative and demonstrator at ESPAISUCRE, the dessert school/restaurant he founded with Jordi Butrón, where he gives technical advise and teaches classes to culinary professionals and companies at an international level.