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Tor Stubbe

Age: 32
Works at: Bojesen and Oialla
Qualifiers: best Chocolate to Go concept, moulded praline and Cake of the Day


After graduating the Silkeborg Hotel and Catering College in Denmark with a diploma in International Catering and Hospitality Operations, Tor Stubbe enrolled for university studies at the Thames Valley University in London where he earned a level four NVQ in pastry and an Advanced Diploma in International Culinary Arts. Work placements in Scotland and England, of which a position as chocolatier at L’artisan du chocolat in London and managing VIP catering for the Royal Ascot are the most noteworthy, earned him the experience necessary to start his professional career.

In the course of time Tor took up positions at the Mandarin Oriental and The Lanesborough hotel in London (England), Pasteleria Escriba, Restaurante Visual and the Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona (Spain), Kathrine Andersen Chokolade in Vitten (Denmark), the Hotel Marriott in Copenhagen (Denmark), and cruise ship the MS Silver Shadow before becoming chocolatier at Oialla chocolate, and pastry chef and chocolatier at Bojesen, which are both in Denmark. Possessing a relentless drive to push his own boundaries further and further, it isn’t a surprise that Tor's resume is riddled with awards and accolades, such as employee of the month and year distinctions, the Golden Fan Achievement and the 2002/2003 Bonnet Grande Cuisine Award.

In order to perfect his skills, Tor also followed training courses with several renowned master chefs (Angelo Corvitto, Philippe Marand and Ramon Morató to name a few). His participation in the 2013 Nordic Showpiece Competition in Denmark earned him first place.

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In the words of Tor Stubbe:

Where does my passion for chocolate stem from?

Instead of calling it a passion for chocolate I would rather define it as a passion for flavour. I enjoy baking cakes and making ice cream just as much as making pralines. Whether I am working with Danish winter apples or chocolate is inconsequential as long as the flavours excite me.

Why do I participate in the World Chocolate Masters?

Honestly, it is a bit of a coincidence. My wife is Bolivian and we visited her family last summer. She stayed for four weeks longer, which meant I had four weeks to myself back in Denmark. I got a bit restless, so I signed up.

How do I prepare for the World Chocolate Masters?

As much as humanly possible. Preparing for a competition as the World Chocolate Masters, and being a husband and dad at the same time is challenging. It is hard balancing family life, and long-hour days of preparation and training. I have two children and a wife, so a fixed schedule of training days and free nights is indispensable. There is a time for training and a time for having a glass of wine with my wife. Family always comes first though.

How do I plan on convincing the jury members?

The theme suits me very well. I am inspired by nature every day as head pastry chef for Bojesen in Denmark. I work exclusively with local, organic and wild ingredients, and I try to bring the best of Danish nature with me to France. Everything has to be on point – the flavours, the presentation and the timing.

What do I hope to learn from this experience?

The World Chocolate Masters allow me to work on a completely new technical level. The details are extreme and the flavours much more complex. I have also learned a great deal about combining family life and a demanding competition.