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Yoshiaki Uezaki

Yoshiaki Uezaki won the title of “Best Patissier” at the “Japanese Cake Show” in 2007.


Yoshiaki Uezaki won second place in the World Chocolate Masters Final. Yoshiaki's fine creations, created with skill and great delicacy could not be missed by the jury. Yoshiaki's showpiece named "Forest of Cocoa" shows the Aztecs dancing in gratitude to the discovery of the cocoa bean. Every detail of his showpiece is so delicately sculpted and assembled, it's just breathtaking to believe that this is made entirely out of chocolate.

Yoshiaki's necklace inspired by the hidden and precious Aztec treasures shows an exceptionally detailed and beautfully coloured ruby stone. The collar, carved as if made out of leather show the metallic coins or medals that the Aztecs would have owned... though remember that this is all made out of chocolate!

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Japanese contestant Mr Uezaki currently works at “Patisserie Kosai” Mito-City, Ibaraki Prefecture as Sous-Chef with 17 other chefs. Mr Uezaki recently organized a tasting and training session in the kitchens of the Japanese Confectionery Federation (JCA), co-organizer of the Japanese National selections.

As part of his training, the previous winners of the World Chocolate Masters; Mr Hirai and Mr Mizuno as well as the Japanese jury Mr. Shimada and Japanese celebrity chefs were all invited to taste and assess the current progress of Mr Uezaki’s preparations for the World Chocolate Masters. Mr Uezaki found their feedback and advice very useful as he prepares himself for the World Final. Despite having participated in the last two Japanese championships. Mr Uezaki always dreamt of representing his country in a worldwide completion like the World Chocolate Masters.

In the last 13 years, Mr Uezaki has won a number of awards such as the Grand Prix and Chairman’s award for Chocolate Crafts in 2006 and won Gold Medal for best Chocolate showpiece and Chocolate Pastry and won the title of “Best Patissier” at the “Japanese Cake Show” in 2007. His ambition is to now win the World Chocolate Master title.