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5 reasons not to miss out on our livestream


World Chocolate Masters Livestream

Chocolate professionals and lovers alike are invited to join us during the final of the 2015 World Chocolate Masters. Whether in Paris or from the comfort of your home, here’s why you shouldn’t miss a minute of this inspiring competition.

1. This is the greatest chocolate championship in the world

The challenges have never been more demanding and the competition has never been fiercer. Will everyone finish his or her projects on time? Who will crack under the immense pressure of the competition? Will every showpiece arrive at the display area in one piece? Or will we only get to see the remnants and find its designer in ruins? There’s only one way to find out...

2. A unique opportunity to learn about new trends and techniques

This year’s ‘Inspiration from Nature’ theme leaves a lot of room for interpretation, enabling finalists to defy all rules and conventions in the world of chocolate, encouraging them to show the entire world their view on what the future role of chocolate should be. The finalists also have to face all-new competition challenges that meet the market trends of tomorrow, keeping the World Chocolate Masters firmly in the saddle as the world’s major catalyst for radical innovation in the sector.

3. This is where the entire gourmet world will steal the spotlight

We can’t reveal the names on our guest list, but it is most impressive to say the least. Renowned jury members, culinary (television) stars, famous gourmet food bloggers: the entire beau monde of the culinary world will be there helping us pick out the world's best chocolate craftsman of 2015.

4. Get to know the world’s top talents

Ever wondered how our finalists discovered their love for chocolate or what makes them tick? Well, our on-site journalists aren’t too shy to question the competing chocolatiers and pastry chefs about anything and everything. We know they can take the heat in the kitchen. But can they keep their cool when the jury members and experts start grilling them?

5. The place where winners are born: watch the award ceremony

On 30 October at 8 p.m. CET sharp, the 2015 World Chocolate Masters reach their ultimate climax: the award ceremony. Whose showpiece will have astounded the worldwide audience, thus receiving the Social Media Award? Who will have proven his or her excellence in all aspects of the championship? And, most importantly, who will be the craftsman among craftsmen and receive the ultimate honour of crowning him/herself 2015 WORLD CHOCOLATE MASTER?

Don’t miss out on the gourmet event of the year!

Watch the livestream on the
World Chocolate Masters website
or the
Salon du Chocolat website