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Sabine Dubenkropp

Age: 39
Works at: Confiserie Mélanie in Berlin
Qualifiers: best chocolate showpiece and best Cake of the Day


Contrary to most World Chocolate Masters finalists, Sabine Dubenkropp didn’t begin her career as a culinary professional. After acquiring her degree, Sabine first worked as an industrial clerk before receiving training as cook at Hotel Excelsior in Berlin several years later. It was then that she knew she had found her true passion in life. After finishing her training at Hotel Excelsior, Sabine took up positions as pastry chef at several hotels. When she eventually won a scholarship, she didn’t think twice to set out for the USA to study Culinary Arts with a focus on Food and Beverage Management.

Upon returning to Germany, Sabine took over the renowned chocolate boutique Confiserie Mélanie in Berlin. She says she loves working with chocolate. In her opinion, it’s a privilege to have the opportunity and knowledge to create delicacies with this great raw material. And as much as she enjoys working with it, her customers enjoy eating it even more. Sabine isn’t a newcomer to the world of culinary competitions either.

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In the words of Sabine Dubenkropp:

Where does my passion for chocolate stem from?

My passion for chocolate, sweets and good food has always been there. Maybe I fell into a cauldron of chocolate when I was still a little girl, I don’t know. But how could anyone explain love...?

Why do I participate in the World Chocolate Masters?

I’m extremely curious about new chocolate experiences. I never expected to earn the title of German Chocolate Master. The World Chocolate Masters final is the icing on the cake!

How do I prepare for the World Chocolate Masters?

I already have dreams about my competition creations and I’m practically living in my kitchen. My thoughts are chocolaty and my heart is full of inspiration.

How do I plan on convincing the jury members?

I hope to impress the jury with my individual way of expressing chocolate passion. All my love, handicraft and joy handling chocolate are embodied in my showpiece, my Or Noir chocolate and my moulded praline.

What do I hope to learn from this experience?

I hope to gain inspiration from the great chocolatiers from all over the world. I hope to see, smell and taste new facets of my great love for chocolate!