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Jana Ristau

Jana Ristau is our youngest contestant ever at the World Chocolate Masters Final!



My display is about the expansion of the cocoa bean around the world. The bottom part is based on an Aztec stone temple to which the hands of the princess are extended. The princess wants to give the cocoa bean to the people as a sacrifice of her own life. Between her hands, coiled around the extended Aztec pillar, is Quetzalcoatl who gives the cocoa bean of the princess to the Aztecs. On top of the pillar an Aztec head is placed, which represents Life on one hand and Death on the other. It shows the development of the cocoa bean. On her wrist the princess is wearing a bracelet made of coins showing the different areas where the cocoa bean was distributed around the world. The voyage begins with Christopher Columbus who discovered the cocoa bean, but had no use for it. It continues with Hernandez Cortes, who conquered the Aztec Empire and brought the first cocoa beans to Spain. Initially, the cocoa bean was given only to the Royal Courts of the world.